Complete List of Remixes for/by other bands and artists

Remixes made for other Bands/Artists:
(in descending order of release date)

  "Enjoy The Pain" of SYNTHATTACK
          - released by Dark Tunes (DE)

  "Breaking The Girl" of PARASITE OF GOD
          - released by Xperiment XIII (AU)

  "Seelen Im Licht" of HYDROXIE
          - released by e-noxe (DE)

  "Weak" of CYFERDYNE
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "Business As Usual" of BLACKOPZ
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "Klonawelt" of KLONAVENUS
          - released by Space Race Records (IT)

  "The Plague" of ACYLUM
          - released by Alfa Matrix (BE)

  "Damsel In Distress" of TECHNOLORGY
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "Spit The Fire Out" of DIVERSANT:13
          - released by SKYQODE (RU)

  "At The Border of Fantasy" of ENCONO
          - released by Insane Records (RU)

  "The Strings" of SLEETGROUT
          - released by Insane Records (RU)

  "The Book Of Violence" of FREAKANGEL
          - released by Alfa Matrix (BE)

  "Killer Fueled Machine" of NITRO/NOISE
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "Beyond My Reach" of THE INVALID
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "My Blasphemy" of SUICIDE COMMANDO
          - released by Out Of Line (DE) & Metropolis Records (US)

          - released by Alfa Matrix (BE)

  "Divided To Fall" of AKTIVEHATE
          - released by Advoxya Records (HU)

  "Mort" of A7IE
          - released by Advoxya Records (HU)

  "Lost" of FGFC820
          - released by DWA (JP)

  "Son of Perdition" of SIN DNA
          - released by VendettaMusic (US)

  "The Final Electro Solution" of DIE SEKTOR
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "Alteracion" of C-LEKKTOR
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "Crash and Burn" of DETROIT DIESEL
          - released by Infacted Recordings (DE)

  "Evolution of Tomorrow" of TERROLOKAUST
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "DBD While you can" of DIFFUZION
          - released by Alfa Matrix (BE)

  "Bleeding to Death" of REAXION GUERRILLA
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "Sew my Eyes" of TERRORKODE
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "Hit the Nerve" of SURGYN
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "The Twin Moons" of SIVA SIX
          - released by Deathwatch Asia (JP)

  "No Way Back" of ALIEN VAMPIRES
          - released by Alfa Matrix (BE)

  "My Own God" of AKTIVEHATE
          - released by Advoxya Records (HU)

  "Changing Sprout in my Head" of BLAM HONEY
          - released by Darkest Labyrinth Records (JP)

  "Soylenville" of INFRA BLACK
          - released by DSBP records (US) / Shadowplay records (RU)

  "If there is no tomorrow" of WYNARDTAGE
          - released by COP International (US) / Rupal records (DE)

  "Ecstasy for the Masses" of TECHNOLORGY
          - self released

  "Never" of E:O:NITY
          - released by Xenobiotic records (DE)

Remixes made by other Bands/Artists
(in descending order of release date)

  "Crawl" - remixed by HOMICIDAL FEELINGS

  "The Key" - remixed by ROTERSAND

  "This Is The Night" - remixed by DEVICE NOIZE

  "Crawl" - remixed by KLONAVENUS

  "One Last Time" - remixed by DIVERSANT:13

  "Crawl" - remixed by SOMAN

  "Find You" - remixed by SINS OF THE FLESH

  "One Last Time" - remixed by SIRUS

  "The Drawning" - remixed by ACYLUM

  "Crawl" - remixed by NYDHOG

  "Alone" - remixed by STATIK SKY

  "Fire And Forget" - remixed by SKINJOB

  "This Is The Night" - remixed by GRENDEL

  "Begin With Me" - remixed by FGFC820

  "Behold The Lie" - remixed by ΔAIMON

  "Escape" - remixed by CHAINREACTOR

  "Greed" - remixed by MAS-SI-OSARE

  "The Darkness" - remixed by AMGOD

  "Blindfold" - remixed by AKTIVEHATE

  "Altered Directions" - remixed by CUTOFF:SKY

  "The Time Has Come" - remixed by STAHNLEBEL & BLACK SELKET

  "What Lies Behind" - remixed by EXTINCTION FRONT

  "Bury Your Hate" - remixed by STUDIO-X

  "Realize" - remixed by DIFFUZION

  "One Step Forward" - remixed by DE TOT COR

  "The Fallen" - remixed by FREAKANGEL

  "Bury Your Hate" - remixed by TECHNOLORGY

  "Zero Tolerance" - remixed by NOISUF-X

  "To Spread The Chaos" - remixed by DYM

  "Throw Away My Dust" - remixed by VPROJECT

  "In The Lag Of Time" - remixed by SIN DNA

  "Luna Obscura" - remixed by NITRO/NOISE

  "Realize" - remixed by DETROIT DIESEL

  "The Time has Come" - remixed by TERROLOKAUST

  "Decide" - remixed by TERRORKODE

  "Bury Your Hate" - remixed by X-FUSION

  "One Step Forward" - remixed by ALIEN VAMPIRES

  "Decide" - remixed by SIVA SIX

  "What Lies Behind" - remixed by C-LEKKTOR

  "As We Approach The End" - remixed by PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1

  "As We Approach The End" - remixed by DJ LIQUIX

  "One Step Forward" - remixed by HYDRA DIVISION V

  "Luna Obscura" - remixed by AKTIVEHATE


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