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Greetings friends! I would like to announce to you our European Epiphany Tour 2019 that we do in order to promote our new album "Epiphany"! I will be very happy to see you in one of these dates and we are preparing some really cool merchandise for the occasion!


Oct.04.2019 Backstage Club, Munich 
Oct.05.2019 Ms Connexion, Mannheim 
Oct.11.2019 Lygten Station, Copenhagen 
Oct.12.2019 Logo Club, Hamburg 
Oct.13.2019 Nuke Club, Berlin 
Oct.18.2019 Kulttempel, Oberhausen 
Oct.19.2019 Autumn Moon Festival, Hameln 
Oct.25.2019 From Hell, Enfurt 
Oct.26.2019 Reithalle, Dresden 
Nov.01.2019 Oxil Club, Zofingen 
Nov.02.2019 Revolution, Corporation, Sheffield 
Nov.09.2019 Beat:Cancer Fest, Slimelight, London 
Nov.16.2019 Don't Panic, Essen 
Nov.23.2019 Hellsinki Industrial Festival, Helsinki

In order to get your ticket click here and choose the link of your preferebale date from the description! Also you'll get to see our little tour promo video! Cheers and much love!!!

Without further ado, I am happy to present you the new CYGNOSIC album titled "Epiphany". It is going to be released at 25th of October and the preorders have started today. The initial version is a double gatefold CD that includes a transparent bonus disc with 3 extra tracks. Click right here to listen and perhaps get it! I love you all, Cheers!

I am thrilled to let you know that we are going to participate at the Hellsinki Industrial Festival that will take place at Helsinki Finland at 23rd of November. It will be the second time to be at Helsinki and we are happy to share the stage with bands like BLUTENGER, LEATHER STRIP, CENTHRON and many more. Find our how to get tickets and more info by clicking at . See you there!!

We are going to visit Essen Germany for the first time to do a show at Dont Panic Club along side with our friends ES23 and SYNTHATTACK on 11th of November. Can't wait to meet you over there! Cheers! 

We are going to perform at Corporation's Revolution 10th anniversary event at Sheffield, UK at 2nd of November alongside with CYFERDYNE and C-LEKKTOR. It will be our third visit at the club and city and can't wait to return, really! See you soon!

Happy to announce that we will perform live at Oxil Club at Zofingen, Switzerland on 1st of November. It will be the second time we visit the country and really can't wait to visit again. Kudos!

We are going to perform live at the Lygten Station at Copenhagen, Denmark on 11th of October. Alongside will be our labelmates C-LEKKTOR and ELECTRIC STRIP. It will be our first visit at Copenhagen and Denmark in general and can't wait to see you all there really! Cheers everybody

I just found out that both "The Key[s]" and "Crawl" EPs are both sold out a long time ago, thanks to you of course. I am grateful friends! Cheers to that.

We did an awesome remix for our brothers SYNTHATTACK for their second full length album, you should check it out, cheers!

We are returning to London to participate at the Beat:Cancer Festival at Slimelight on the 9th of November. It has been a while since our last time in London and seriously we do not see the time to meet you all again over there! Cheers my friends!

I am happy to announce that we are going to perform live at the AUTUMN MOON FESTIVAL in 18-20 October. More details about it to be announced soon! Cheers!!

I am happy to announce that we are going to support NACHTMAHR in their upcoming tour in Germany alongside with our labelmates C-LEKKTOR. The dates will be:

04.10.2019 Backstage Club, Muchen
05.10.2019 Ms Connexion, Mannheim
12.10.2019 Logo Club, Hamburg
13.10.2019 Nuke Club, Berlin
18.10.2019 Kulttempel, Oberhausen
25.10.2019 From Hell Club, Enfurt
26.10.2019 Reithalle, Dresden

Cheers everybody, I'll see you soon over there! <3

We are going to perform live at the Tjoply Lampovy Club at Kiev at 19th of January alongside with our friends LARVA from Spain. And then beers. I will see you all there, Cheers!!!

I am delighted to announce that we are going to perform for the first time in Berlin Germany for 2 nights at the Nuke Club on 28th and 29th of December, supporting our dear friends AGONOIZE. I think it is really a great way to end the year. I missed Germany and can't wait to see you all there! Cheers everybody!!!

Thank you so much to all the people who attended in the Halloween concerts, the old and new friends and all the love and support. An artist's only power is only his audience. Thank you so much.

I am very happy to announce that We are going to appear in one of the biggest alternative/dark events hosted by Infinity Promotions on 27th of October at Opera Concert Club, Saint Petersburg. Can't wait to be there, Cheers!

We are going to perform live at the Rock House at Moscow on the 26th of October during the annual Clubbers From Hell event alongside with FGFC820 from the US, SYNTH ATTACK and SYSTEM NOIRE from Germany! Can't wait to meet you guys!!

I am so happy to announce that CYGNOSIC will perform for the first time in Minsk, Belarus, in an event organized by Blade Fuse Promo and Generation A concert Agency. Supporting acts will be AESDEAN, MAX WOLKER, SID ALIEN with DJ sets by DJ Friendly Ghost and DJ Xumuk.  I can promise you a wonderful party night, so be sure to be at ILI Club on 26th of May! Cheers!!!

Last post of the year is coming straight from the CYGNOSIC HQ where the studio is. I want to wish everybody a happy new year from sunny Athens. Be strong, hold on to your dreams and neve give up. God bless you all!!!!

I am happy to announce that CYGNOSIC will headline again at the second installment of the Alchemical Wedding Festival in Kiev at 15th of December. Supporting acts will be NANO INFECT, VVSECT, ERROR:GENESIS and HYPERHATE. I wait to see you all there folks and drink some beers, kudos to that!!!

I want to thank all the friends who attended the concert at the Rock House, filled up the place and made this event a truly special night. It is true that an artist must never be ungrateful for his audience is his only power. Thank you, really. Also I was delighted to meet old pals again like C-LEKKTOR and ALIEN VAMPIRES.

It was really nice to perform again in the shores of Volga and meet again all the friends from past concerts. Thank you so much for being there to see me. It was a blast! Much love!!

I am so happy to announce that we are going to perform live at Tel-Aviv, Israel for the first time ever via Dark Manners Productions. Can't wait to see you all at the Gagarin Club in the 8th of September. Cheers to that!!!

We are going to headline at the Dark Reign Festival at Volgograd at 26th of August! It is just confirmed and I will post more info as soon as possible! Cheers everybody!

I hear Odessa is a beautiful and colorful place, so why not headline over there in the Seanthetic Festival with my friends SYNTHATTACK from Germany! I will see you all by the sea at 22th of July! Then Beers! Then swimming! Cheers!

CYGNOSIC is going to perform live at the annual Halloween party held at Rock House in Moscow at the 27th of October with ALIEN VAMPIRES, C-LEKKTOR and more fine fellow bands! Moscow and Rock House, here I come again \m/

The Belgian Peek-a-boo Magazine delivers a great review for the "Siren" album. Check it out b clicking here! Thank you so much Jurgen!

CYGNOSIC is going to perform live in Helsinki, Finland in Club Infektio in the 29th of April alongside with the labelmates RAVE THE REQVIEM. It is going to be a fantastic night so get your tickets early! Cheers folks!

Happy to receive a great review of "Siren" by the Swedish Elektroskull Magazine. Both in Swedish and English language. Click right here to read it. Thank you!

CYGNOSIC is going to headline at Amper Club in St. Petersburg in the 3rd of March, in a very ambitious event organized by the Generation A team. The venue is brand new and there will be a huge line up of bands and DJs all pure electro of all kinds and if you are in the area, I personally guarantee that you don't want to miss this. Cheers to that!!!

Here is a very nice review of the "Siren" album in the Japanese "Dark Vision Of Electronic" Web Magazine. In Japanese language of course. In case you can read Japanese, click right here to read it. Yay!

CYGNOSIC is featured in the Electroshock Vol.11 Various Artists compilation. Feel free to check it out! Cheers!!!

I am happy to announce that today is the official release date of "Siren", the fifth full length CYGNOSIC album. Click right here and go have a listen and enjoy! Cheers everybody!!

DWA calendar anybody? Limited in 100 copies, 12 bands from DWA roster participate in a fantastic 2017 calendar including CYGNOSIC on February.

CYGNOSIC is featured in the January issue of the German Sonic Seducer with the "Blindfold (white)" video in the Magazine's DVD dedicated to M'Era Luna festival! Go for it, yay!

I would like to wish you a happy new year! Stay positive and never give up on your goals and dreams! Also Exactly 10 years ago, in 1st of January 2007 I created the CYGNOSIC Facebook page, yeah! Wishing all the best to you! Cheers from CYGNOSIC HQ!!!

CYGNOSIC's "The Key(s)" single has been awarded by the American Coma Music Magazine as the best industrial single of 2016. Huge thanx to the editors of the magazine! See the complete list of all accolades for 2016 for all genres of music by clicking right here.

The first review of the "Siren" album comes from the Russian Synthema web magazine. A big hello to the editors there, I am always aware that the Russians are really thorough and they are digging it to the bone! Although you always make me want to subscribe and comment guys! Cheers to that! Click and read it right here!

CYGNOSIC is participating on "Album Of The Year", a unique compilation of DWA's bands with the "Oceans Of Time (Past Simple Mix)" an unreleased version of "Oceans Of Time" from the upcoming album "Siren". Check it out as well as the rest of the bands' participations right here.

CYGNOSIC is going to return in St. Petersburg at 3rd of March 2017 and in Moscow in 4th of March for presenting the new album "Siren" and meet old and new friends. Both events are fixed, all the preparations are done and all the details will follow shortly. Can't wait to see you guys!!! Cheers to that!!!

CYGNOSIC is going to headline at the "Alchemical Wedding" Festival on Saturday 17th of December at club Asylum, Ukraine. Other great acts that are going to participate are PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, BETAMORPHOSE, SYNTH ATTACK, NANO INFECT, NITRO-X. HYPERHATE and tons of other fine acts and DJs in a big and full 2-day festival. I am sorry for the late announcement by my side but it was a necessary evil due to the new album campaign runtime. See you all there folks!!!

I would like to thank you all for supporting he CYGNOSIC campaign for the new album and helped me take important decisions with it. The album title is yours, the cover art is yours and this album is truly dedicated to you guys! Thank you! Today is the campaign release day for those who participated plus the exclusive 4 track EP. Especially this 4-track EP entitled "Bonus" or the 12'' vinyl of the album are destined to be possibly the most rare CYGNOSIC items ever. I hope you will enjoy the result. Official release day for "Siren" is now scheduled for 20th of January 2017. Cheers everybody!!!

OK. so as the recordings of the 5th CYGNOSIC album have been started, you can be part of this process and get the album 6 weeks before the general release date. You can get vinyl, CD, Digital Edition with exclusive bonus content, exclusive CYGNOSIC merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies, get to listen to the tracks as they get mixed and bring also some help with the album title! Follow the link right here to get it done! Cheers!!!

We've got a new video online! And it is a metal one! But don't get me wrong, we are not switching music genre. "Blindfold (white)" is the rock version or the original track included in the second bonus disc to the self-titled electro album "CYGNOSIC", consisting of rock versions of the original tracks, approximately 2 years ago. Although this doesn't mean that the band goes metal, I decided to commemorate this one special release with a special video. Click right here in order to see it! Cheers everybody!!!

CYGNOSIC has been interviewed and featured in the 104th issue of the German "Legacy" metal magazine for the white album and also a lot of goodies that I can't reveal about at the moment. If it happens to get a copy in your hands. go on and read it right away! \m/ Metal!

Here is a great review of "The Keys" by the American ReGen Magazine. Click right here in order to have a look! Thank you guys! Kudos!

I would like to thank all of you for attending in Palladium, Geneva, and also congratulate the festival organizers for one of the most professionally organized events I've ever been so far. You can see some great photos of it taken by Nicolas Levet by clicking right here. It was truly amazing to be part of it and I hope to see all of you again in the future. Thank you! Vous revoir!

My label, DWA, just revealed to the public that CYGNOSIC is the number one band in terms of sales, overcoming four to five times the rest of the label's bands combined. I was not aware of this one either but I am taking the initiate right now to thank all of you for this amazing fact. Truly thank you, I promise I'll do my best not to disappoint you and be worthy of your trust. Cheers!

CYGNOSIC is going to participate in Dark Romandie Fest in Geneva, Switzerland at 10th of September @ Palladium de Geneve. Other bands that are going to appear are PHOSGORE, FREAKANGELS, DAWN OF ASHES, BAK XIII. TERRORFREQUENZ, OTHER DAY, INTENT:OUTTAKE, UNTERSCHICHT, BODYHARVEST and more. Plus lots of great DJs you don't want to miss. Plus beers. Plus Afterparties. More info can be found at the Festifal website by clicking right here!. See you there folks!

CYGNOSIC is participating is "Terror Night Vol 2 - Sounds Of The Dead Future", a compilation of Insane Records, with two trakcs; "I Bought Coffigs" of SLEETGROUT feat CYGNOSIC and "Crawl" remixed by HOMICIDAL FEELINGS. Feel free to check it out folks!

Happy to appear in "Return Of The Bats Part II", the second book of Nick Drivas which serves as an effort to record the whole history of the domestic dark alternative music scene since its very beginning. CYGNOSIC holds a four-page tribute inside, filled exclusively with the band's achievements and facts. My greatest gratitude for this one, Nick! Cheers!

I would like to thank the alternative fashion designer Eva Zolnar from Riga, Latvia, for airing CYGNOSIC music as the soundtrack on her fashion show's runway at April entitled Baltic Fashion & Textile" in Riga. it was really a great thing to watch. Great creations, great soundtrack! Well done Eva!

Just noticed that the new single is being tipped for next week's German Electronic Web Charts. Just saying.

Happy to share with you the new CYGNOSIC video of "The Key track! Check the Videoclips section or click here! Cheers everybody!

"The Key[s]" is the name of the new CYGNOSIC single that is going to be released at 29th of April via DWA. It includes both "Black" and "White" versions plus a previously unreleased "Grey" version of the track and a great ROTERSAND remix. You can check it out and listen to it by clicking right here!

CYGNOSIC is interviewed in the March issue of Sonic Seducer Magazine. Also a track is coming with the magazine CD sampler. If you get it on your hands be sure to check the interview and the track out!

A really great CYGNOSIC remix of "Breaking The Girl" is included in the new upcoming release of PARASITE OF GOD from Sweden entitled "Outcasts And Freaks". And because I don't want you to take my words for granted, be sure to check its early review from Brutal Resonance Magazine from UK right here, just to get an idea. Scheduled to be physically released at 30th of March via the Australian Xperiment XIII label. Cheers!

HYDROXIE from Germany are about to release their new album entitled "Seelenkrank" via e-noxe record on 18th of March which includes a great CYGNOSIC remix. Preordering is available and checking it out is highly recommended!

CYGNOSIC is featured in Side-Line's "Face The Beat 3" compilation with SLEETGROUT's great track "I Bought Coffins" which I participate. Check out this killer dance floor track by clicking right here! Cheers!

DEVICE NOIZE from Mexico are releasing their new remix album "Latex RemiSex Vol.2 via the Russian Insane Records and they are remixing the CYGNOSIC's track "This Is The Night" which open this release. You may listen to it by clicking right here! Kudos!

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you, wherever you are, whatever you do! Do not give up and stay focused on your dreams! Aaand also stay tuned for Dark Electro goodies to come! Kudos for everybody!

CYGNOSIC is featured in SLEETGROUT's new single "Farewell, Nit!", in the "I Bought Coffins" track. So anybody who wants to check my skills on singing in Russian can click right here! Hope I was good at it, yay! Poka!

CYGNOSIC is going to perform live on 15th of November at Rock City, Nicosia, Cyprus. Alongside with TECHNOLORGY and CHAMAELEON. There will be also an afterparty with 2 DJs and of course beers! Poster is right here! Cheers everybody! 

The 2CD Latest self-titled CYGNOSIC album is officially out of stock. In order to get a physical copy or the 2CD album you will need to turn to the retail music stores on the internet or in specialized physical music stores that still have copies. Or you can still get one of the remaining double vinyl versions!

Now, this is also a great CYGNOSIC remix, labelmates CYFERDYNE from UK,  are releasing today a 2CD Limited edition of their album "Break The Silence" with fine remixes from TERROLOKAUST, DIE SEKTOR, PANIC LIFT, RETROGRAMME, GINGER SNAP5, C-LEKKTOR, SERAPHIM SYSTEM, PATROL BASTARD, NOISUF-X, ΔAIMON, RUINIZER, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ASSEMBLAGE 23 AND PHOSGORE. You can listen to the CYGNOSIC remix by clicking right here! Cheers!

Labelmates TECHNOLORGY are releasing their 5-track single "Damsel In Distress", including a CYGNOSIC remix, a remix and a club version of the title track by GINGER SNAP5 alongside with a new track. Again you can listen to this fine remix by clicking right here!

A 2CD reissue of BLACKOPZ's "As Nations Decay" plus a standalone digital remix album entitled "Nations Reborn" is out today by DWA. Both of them includes a great CYGNOSIC remix alongside with other fine names. Click here in order to listen to the track! Yeah!

More like some kind of a milestone than some kind of news, today the "As We Approach The End" video. reached 100,000+ views and it is the first video of all DWA roster that did that. True and organic, all of them, thanx to your love! Cheers friends!

After a long popular demand for an instrumental version of "Mad Desire", DWA decided to have one released today in the "Covered In Darkness" compilation featuring also additional Keytar riffs by Jamie Nova of DWA himself as a bonus! Sounds more party than Dark Electro to me, which sometimes is good! Cheers everybody!

Freshly added, the white second disc of the latest physical album consisted exclusively by metal tracks, is available for digital download from DWA as of today. Having metal versions released on a second CD instead of just releasing a typical remix CD is something almost unique for the EBM-Dark Electro genre. Also re-recording and converting various CYGNOSIC tracks from dark electro to metal -entirely from scratch- is something that I did only once and most likely I am not going to repeat it in the future, so yes I am really proud for each one of these gems. Go check the tracks by clicking the hyperlink here! Cheers friends!

CYGNOSIC is featured on the German SONIC SEDUCER Music Magazine this month with an interview and a track on the CD sampler. So, in case you get this month's issue on your hands don't hesitate to go to page 38 for the interview while you are listening to the White Version of "The Key" from the CD. Yay!

KLONAVENUS from Rome is my favorite Italian electronic band and a CYGNOSIC remix could not be missing from their new album entitled "Angst". Check out this great band and the remix by clicking here! Daje!

ACYLUM are releasing their new work entitled "Pest" and it includes a CYGNOSIC remix on its 2CD Special Edition by the Belgian Alfa-Matrix. Click right here and have a direct listen to the track. Cheers!

TECHNOLORGY's second album is on its way and it is featuring a fine CYGNOSIC remix as well as fine remixes by FADERHEAD and ROTTERSAND. Congratulations mates! You can check out all info by clicking the hyperlink right here.

I am very pleased to announce the official release date of the new 4th, self-titled album of CYGNOSIC in its 2CD Version as well as the shipping of the preorders. We experienced a small delay in 2LP Versions but it is a matter of days to be shipped to you! DWA also offers a sneak peak of the "Snow White", 2nd CD of the album, with the digital single of "Blindfold" which is also the opening track. Also this will be the first of a mini series of digital singles. Click here to have a listen because these items are not going to be available for long. Cheers and thank you everybody!

And some unpleasant news, the whole WestCoast Open Air 2015 Festival at Backamo, Sweden with LEAETHER STRIPT, VOMITO NEGRO, TYSKE LUDDER and other great bands has been canceled by the organizer most likely due to financial reasons, so you will not have the chance to see CYGNOSIC performing live there. So looking forward to see you elsewhere in Sweden in the future, you know I love you all! Cheers!

Happy New Year everybody! Looking back, I'd say it was a nice year for the band with the release of a single in 12'' Picture LP, a new music video, lots of gigs, a lot of time or songwriting and recordings and a new album released for free on its basic form in 62000 copies through the Orkus! Magazine at the end of the year. So I am looking forward for the normal release and looking forward in all aspects generally speaking. Cheers and once more, have a happy new year!

I am really happy to announce the new self-titled CYGNOSIC album from DWA. It comes in Double CD & Double 12'' LP in 4 different editions plus digital download. On top of that, the main album is also exclusively released for free with the December/January edition of Orkus! magazine alongside with other goodies inside. Apart from the regular main, the DWA's release comes with a second bonus CD/LP consisted by a collection of tracks I picked up from the entire CYGNOSIC discography and physically re-recorded everything -entirely from scratch- converting them to metal. You can read the detailed DWA press release and get the 2CD/2LP editions here, or you can buy the Orkus! magazine by clicking here! At that point I would like to deeply thank Dimitris N. Douvras of Lunatech Sounds Studio for his great work on mixing/mastering the album, Jamie Nova of DWA for releasing it in so many ways and the Orkus! magazine crew, but most of all I would like to thank you for listening to the band and made all these things possible! Cheers everybody!!!

DIVERSANT:13 are about to release their new album entitled "New World Disorder" through SKYQODE with a CYGNOSIC remix included in. Check out their work right here. Why not.

DWA is celebrating the Halloween by giving away two V/A compilations as treats, specifically made for this day. CYGNOSIC is featured in each one of these releases for 13 days, starting today. Get them before they expire, by clicking here. Cheers!

The WestCoast Open Air 2015 Festival at Backamo, Sweden has changed its dates due to a similar event running at the exact same dates, so due to the new data the festival is going to take place at 26-27 of July instead of August. Poster is viewable by clicking here! See you there!

Brandon L. Clark, founder of the American industrial label BLC Productions passed away on August 25th after a long fight with lung cancer. Brandon was the man behind the label who discovered CYGNOSIC and released the debut album "A deity In Pain" back in early 2009. The same man discovered AGONOIZE, ALIEN VAMPIRES and other great bands. He was always on the hunt for new blood; I remember Brandon being really enthusiastic, sending me 3-4 almost threatening emails in one day (without any previous contact) demanding CYGNOSIC signed on BLC. In answer to my decline because I was in contact with a new small European  label -not to mention that I got scared by these emails from an unknown person-, he said to not worry and he will take care of everything. The same hour he took the initiate to officially announce that CYGNOSIC was now part of the BLC roster. I was furious at the beginning  but later I understood how lucky I was. At this point I have to recommend people to stop buying the "A Deity In Pain" debut album online from the BLC Productions site ( because there is no one behind the site and you are going to lose your money. You can look for it in sites or stores that still have it in stock or even better you can buy the "A Deity In Pain Reborn" from the DWA site here. Final words: Rest in peace Brandon and thank you for everything, you will always be remembered.

CYGNOSIC is going to participate in the WestCoast Open Air 2015 on 28th-29th of August 2015 at Backamo, Sweden alongside with lots of great bands I adore like LEAETHER STRIPT, VOMITO NEGRO, TYSKE LUDDER and many more well established bands. Check the bandlist on the poster by clicking right here! Cheers!

CYGNOSIC is going to headline in Stalingrad Industrial Open Air 2014 festival which is going to take place at Volgograd, Russia on Saturday August 30, alongside with tons of electro/industrial bands. The poster is right here and if you are going to be nearby, do not miss it. Come for great music, meet n' greet and beers! See you there!

ENCONO is a newcomer in the scene and they are releasing their debut album with Insane Records. If the CD passes through your hands, do not forget to check a CYGNOSIC remix which is included in the album.

Fellow SLEETGROUT just released their new album containing a fine CYGNOSIC remix of their track "The Strings". Click here and have a listen to the track and the rest of the album.

CYGNOSIC is featured in the 100th Anniversary Issue copy or Orkus Magazine's CD with an exclusive DWA Sampler with the "Light" track. Cheers!

Some nice photos of CYGNOSIC gig at Wave-Gotik-Treffen taken by Marcin Pflanz for portal. Check them out right here!

CYGNOSIC will appear live at W-G-T in Leipzig, Germany for a special show. Be sure to come at Kohlrabizirkus on 6th of June to see us. Check the program for details. Hope to see you all there, Cheers!

Happy to announce that CYGNOSIC is returning in Moscow on 23rd of May for an exclusive gig at the Rock House concert hall alongside with CYNICAL EXISTENCE, CUTOFF*SKY and other fine acts, DJ sets and more. See you there all there! Click right here for poster!

The new CYGNOSIC Music Video of "Light" taken from the "Crawl" 12'' Vinyl's B Side is out today. Click here to see it on DWA's youtube channel or check the "VIDEOCLIPS" section of the site. Huge Thanx goes to our great director Athina Tousia and our great dancers Konstantina & Konstandia. Happy 1st of may!

CYGNOSIC is going to St.Petersburg in Russia for an exclusive live show at the infamous Backstage Club. I will have again the chance to share the stage with CYNICAL EXISTENCE of Sweden after almost a year and labelmates CUTOFF:SKY as well. Plus other great acts, DJs and aftershow. Be there for a great Dark Electro night & meet 'n greet as well. I didn't had the chance to see much of this great historical city last time I was there with CYGNOSIC, but I will see to it this time. Click here for the event poster. До скорой встречи!

CYGNOSIC is going to appear live at 22th of March in Padova, Italy for a great Saturday night of Dark Electro. Plus DJ sets by Timekiller and Molot. Plus beers. Hope to see you all there folks. Click right here for poster. Kudos for all Italians! Ciao ragazzi!

I would like to thank everybody who came in Genova to see the show and filled the place despite the bad weather. Cheers to people who came from other cities like Milano and Lodi but the most greatest kudos goes to these people who traveled all the way from Switzerland just to see this concert! I love you all! Special thanx to Stefano and Gianluca for making this happen! Arrivederci!

CYGNOSIC and NYDHOG are going to perform live in Genova, Italy @ 261 Club at 1st of March. Plus DJ sets by Tot en Tanz, Dharma and Timekiller. Poster is right here! See you all there folks!

From Athens, I would like to wish a Happy New Year to everybody. Looking back, 2013 has been really generous to CYGNOSIC allowing me to release a new Full Length Album in two regional versions, two Remix Albums and lots of V/A Compilations appearances and Magazines Interviews, plus an upcoming Vinyl release. Also I was fortunate enough to succeed in a 20+ date tour throughout this year to support all this and experience wonderful places around the globe. Huge thanx and wishes goes to Jamie of DWA, Gerald of Black Rain and Dimitris of Lunatech Sounds, but the most special wishes goes to you, I wish you a happy 2014 full of love and happiness, take care of yourselves and sometimes listen to the band! Cheers everybody!

I am so happy to announce the release of the 12'' Single Picture Vinyl Record of "Crawl" featuring a remix by SOMAN and a special Club Mix made by DWA. But most important, the three B-Side tracks which are completely new and fresh. Plus today is the release of a Remix Album of "Fire and Forget" entitled "Remix and Reflect" featuring all tracks of the original album in the exact order by great fellow artists. You can take a look for details and order both of them by clicking the hyperlink right here! Cheers everybody!

Fellow FREAKANGELS are releasing their new album via Alfa Matrix of Belgium and a CYGNOSIC remix could not be missing from the 2CD special edition tracklist. Feel free to check their new CD out guys! Cheers!

A great review of "Fire And Forget" by the Italian Web Magazine Dark Italia. Click here if you are able to read Italian or you can always use a translator like I did. With a score of 9-out-of-10, the least I can say is a great thank you! Ciao!

Just noticed a live review of the live show with THE CRUXSHADOWS & CYGNOSIC we did at Legends Club @ Newcastle, UK at 25 of July! Feel free to take a look by clicking here!

To me is one of the favorite remixes I have ever done, maybe because the vocals are somehow similar. At any event, it feels -and it is- like a 100% CYGNOSIC track. Check out this *GREAT* remix of NITRO/NOISE's "Killer Fuelled Machine" in their new digital release by following this hyperlink! Cheers!

DWA XxX. This is a rare and very limited box set of 10 CDs by DWA containing 100 remixes of all of their bands from and to other bands/artists. Plus it is the only physical version of the CYGNOSIC's new Remix CD. It's rare, it's limited. Click here for info and listening of the whole 100-song tracklist.

Labelmates and great friends TERROLOKAUST had made a rare version of CYGNOSIC's "The Time Has Come" that was released in the CD to commemorate the DWA European Tour of 2012. Now you can listen to this track by checking out their new remix release. Just click this hyperlink.

CYGNOSIC's "The Fallen" remixed by FREAKANGEL.  Where? Here! Originally released in the re-release of "Fallen" as double CD once it was sold out. I think the second version of "Fallen" is also out-of-stock in the label's headquarters. Cheers to that!

Today an out-of-the-ordinary CYGNOSIC digital release is out by DWA, a complilation of remixes for other artists I did in the past for DWA. If you exclude the individual vocals of each tracks, feels really like a new CYGNOSIC release. Cheers to that and check this out by clicking right here!

V-Project made one of the most interesting remixes for CYGNOSIC and was originally released in the remake of "A Deity In Pain: Reborn". Go and take a listen to this and other remixes their new remix album here!

Old friends DETROIT DIESEL from Canada made a rare version of CYGNOSIC's "Realize". It was originally made for commemorating the European Tour of 2012 we did together. Check this track out, here, in the new release compilation or their remixes. Cia!

STUDIO-X are releasing a new album consisting of their remixes. Check their release out for it contains also a remix of CYGNOSIC's "Bury Your Hate"! Where? Here!

CYGNOSIC is featured in Digital World Agenda, a compilation by DWA, with "Crawl". Feel free to click on the title and check out more. Originally this CD is coming in physical form with the homonym magazine which includes also a great CYGNOSIC interview. Also about the specific track, I suspect you will hear more really soon! Yay, hint baby!

DYM from Canada are releasing their new Remix Album compilation containing their great remix of CYGNOSIC's "To Spread The Chaos" track. Feel free to have a listen right here!

CYGNOSIC and Italians have an appointment at Rome. This Saturday make sure you will made it to Zoobar Club for a Synth:Etica Live Event with CYGNOSIC and ZERO-EQ from Rome. For event poster click here! Special Thanks to Paolo, Gianluca amd Riccardo. See you all there, people! Cia cia!

CYGNOSIC remix of THE INVALID's "Beyond My Reach" is included in the special remix compilation of the band entitled "Resequenced", out today by DWA. Check the track as well as the other great remixes in this hyperlink!

This Saturday, if you are in Moscow, don't miss the CYGNOSIC live show at Rock House Club, for the second time in this year. I love you all you know that! for poster, click here! poka friends!

A review of "Fire And Forget" by the Italian Web Magazine Metallus. Click here and read it in case you can read Italian. Ciao!

A great CYGNOSIC remix is featured on the debut album of THE INVALID entitled "The Aesthetics of Failure" which is released today. Check this great newcomer band out by clicking here!

The new CYGNOSIC Video Clip sees the light of the day today. I am very pleased to present you the "This Is The Night" video directed by the great young director and personal friend Athina. You can click here and watch it. Cheers everybody!

CYGNOSIC will perform live for the first time in London! Supporting ICON OF COIL alongside with labelmates TERROLOKAUST and SURGYN! Poster? here! See you all there friends, can't wait for it. And of course next day will be at Glasgow with UNTERNULL and NIGHTMARE FREQUENCY and the next day after that in Summer Darkness in Holland. Happy times. Cheers!

SURGYN are releasing their new Remix Album entitled "Restitched" in vilyl form. You may want to check it out for it contains a CYGNOSIC remix of "Hit The Nerve". Just click here!

Why don't you check the new Nachtaktiv Magazine in all over Germany for it contains a CYGNOSIC interview and maybe more? Click here and get your issue! Yay!

Click here to read a great review written by Dawn Elliot of Dark Asylum (UK) concerning the Resistanz Festival in Sheffield, UK where CYGNOSIC live show took place. Cheers!

CYGNOSIC's appearance in SUMMER DARKNESS, Holland's biggest Live Event at 27th of July @ Utrecht is confirmed. So, click right here and find out more! Can't wait to see you there friends!

CYGNOSIC will perform live in Rome, Italy @ Closer Live Music Club at 4th of May. Come and say hello, ok?  Lineup is SIVA SIX, WIELORYB. CYGNOSIC, ZERO EQ. More info and how are you going to get there at the club's official facebook profile here! Ciao!!!

CYGNOSIC will play at Classic Grand Rock Club in Glasgow, Scotland, supporting UNTER NULL @ 26th of July. Poster & info at the venue's official website here. Be there, let's meet & greet and have some beers, friends!

CYGNOSIC is featured in the new Nachtaktiv Magazine with the "Escape" track in its sampler! Enjoy!

A Live Report for the live show in Gothenburg, Sweden, by the famous Elektroskull Magazine has been published today. I bet you know Swedish right? If not, you can always use a translator like I did. Click here please! Cheers!

A fantastic review of "Fire And Forget" has been published by Brutal Resonance Magazine (UK), ranking the album with 9.5 out of 10!!! Thank you so much! I strongly recommend to go and read this great review by clicking here!

So, during the Russian Tour, me and Alex from AKTIVEHATE we messed around a bit with our mobile equipment and we did our magic with every gear available in our backpacks. The result is a great version of "My Own God" and it's free for everybody to download! Grab it here! Cheers!

So, the Resistanz International Music Festival in Sheffield comes to an end and since UK was the last stop for this tour for now, I will have a small pause from being on the road -after almost an entire month-, and work on other music matters concerning CYGNOSIC. It was a great Sold Out event in one of the greatest venues I ever seen. I would like to thank Leighton for everything and looking forward to meet again every single band/Artist and all the awesome people I met there. Cheers!

A great review of "Fire And Forget" has been published by the Dark Asylum (UK). Read it here. Looking forward to meet them in person at the Resistanz Festival in Sheffield. Cheers!

Live Shows in Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece just took place. I had a great time seeing old friends and drink some beers with them! Now 2 days off before we go for Sweden!

Some CYGNOSIC live photos have been published by Dani Vorndran, a great German photographer of the industrial scene. Take a look by clicking here!

Today is the release date for "Fire And Forget" for both editions, European (Black Rain Media Group) and Worldwide (DWA)! Also right now I am on my way to Matrix Bochum Club in Bochum, Germany for a CYGNOSIC gig supporting NEUROTICFISH alongside with my labelmates from Mexico City C-LEKKTOR. Cheers!

DWA releases the DWA FTW 2013 Compilation in order to commemorate the DWA Festival Tour in Europe! Of course CYGNOSIC is included since participates on this tour and you can find this rare item right here!

Crowd coming in Goodzone Club in Ulan-Ude of Siberia, was beyond our expectations and I want to thank everybody that attended. That was the greatest way to end the Russian tour. Special Thanx goes to Eugenie of TERMINAL ZERO, Anton & Sofia! Love you much!

Podium Club is a great, really great venue in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, a major city of Siberia. I wish I had to more days to spend there in order to watch Kreator's live performance in the same venue just to remember my youth. But we have to move on. I would like to thank everybody that came in the club to see CYGNOSIC & AKTIVEHATE. It was right at the middle of the week in this frozen night and lots of people came. Thank you all of you!

A Huge thank you to everybody that attended in Club Mayak at Tomsk, Siberia. Maybe its cold there but it's full of warm people! Off to the next city now. Special Thanx goes to Alexey of NEXUS VI and to the rest of the guys, I wont forget you until we meet again!

A "Fire And Forget" album review by the Belarusian Machinist Magazine has been published. It is a great review, of course it is in Russian, but still if you can't read it, you can always use a nice translator, just like I did. Click right here to check this out

So far the three first Russian Tour concerts at Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow and S.Petersburg were great, especially for the Moscow Rock House Club, it has to be noted that I was so proud to play in such a great venue and met all these wonderful people that filled up the place to see the live show. Thumbs up! Let's fly to Siberia now \o/

Well, better late than never: The first CYGNOSIC video clip ever is released. It is the "As We Approach The End" from the "Fallen" album. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, I had it postponed  until today. I hope now that problems are solved, more similar stuff will follow. Click here to get redirected to YouTube in order to watch the video. Enjoy!

I am very happy to announce the release of the third official CYGNOSIC album in two different versions: a European Edition by the great Black Rain of Germany and an International Edition by DWA of Japan. The album, entitled "Fire And Forget", consists of 14 tracks and includes remixes by CHAINREACTOR, MAS-SI-OSARE and AMGOD for the European Edition and  GRENDEL, FGFC820 and ΔAIMON for the International Edition. It is scheduled to be released at 22nd of March and you can find all the info, plus have a listen to it by clicking right here! Preorder the EUROPEAN EDITION by BLACK RAIN here and the WORLDWIDE EDITION by DWA here! Cheers everybody!

I would like to present you the upcoming CYGNOSIC tour to promote the new upcoming album. So here are the dates so far:
- Mar 7 at 28thStreet Club, Nizhny Novgorod (RU)
- Mar 8 at Rock House Club, Moscow (RU)
- Mar 9 at Stoker Club, S. Petersburg (RU)
- Mar 11 at Mayak Club, Tomsk (RU)
- Mar 13 at Podium Club, Krasnoyarsk (RU)
- Mar 16 at Goodzone Club, Ulan Ude (RU)
- Mar 22 at Matrix Bochum, Bochum (DE)
- Mar 23 at Second Skin, Athens (GR)
- Mar 24 at Eightball Club, Thessaloniki (GR)
- Mar 28 at Takterrassen Henriksberg, Gothenburg (SE)
- Mar 29 at Corporation, Sheffield (UK)
Find out more details about the tour and the other *fantastic* bands participating in each event by clicking the hyperlink here. Note also that there are more dates TBA and more dates that are already confirmed but I am not in a position to reveal yet. Cheers everybody!

It seems like we have an official CYGNOSIC Russian Tour here! I will be very happy to do this alongside with my  brother Alex of AKTIVEHATE from Portugal and the name of it: "CYGNATE: CYGNOSIC + AKTIVEHATE RUSSIAN WARFRONT TOUR". So here we are:
- Mar 7 at 28thStreet Club, Nizhny Novgorod.
- Mar 8 at Rock House Club, Moscow.
- Mar 9 at Stoker Club, S. Petersburg.
- Mar 11 at Mayak Club, Tomsk.
- Mar 13 at Podium Club, Krasnoyarsk.
- Mar 16 at Goodzone Club, Ulan Ude.
And maybe more goodies to be announced concerning Russia until that time. I suspect the CYGNOSIC friends are among the hardcore fans so I will be very honored to be meet you in one of these dates. Poka friends!

Just heard some great news I expected; a CYGNOSIC remix is included in the new SUICIDE COMMANDO album! The new double Limited Edition CD of "When Evil Speaks" is going to be released at 14th of May by Out Of Line (DE) and Metropolis Records (US). For the time being, you can find more info at Metropolis' website here! Cheers!

Gothenburg, Sweden will be one of the next stops for the upcoming CYGNOSIC live events, supporting the labelmates C-LEKKTOR alongside with CYNICAL EXISTENCE. So, at 28th of March, I expect see you all there at Electro Sound Club and have some fun & beers! Poster? Click Here!

CYGNOSIC is participating in the Resistanz Soundtrack 2013 CD to commemorate the UK's biggest annual industrial festival. The first day of the Festival at 29th of March is already sold out. So I hope you will enjoy ALIEN VAMPIRES, C-LEKKTOR, SURGYN and of course CYGNOSIC. See you soon in Sheffield! 

Another CYGNOSIC live event will take place at Matrix Bochum in Bochum, Germany at 22th of March. It will be a great pleasure to support NEUROTICFISH's first live show since their reunion, alongside with C-LEKKTOR and BHAM BHAM HARA. Info here. Live show. Then beers. 

CYNICAL EXISTENCE from Sweden are releasing their debut full length album by the Belgian Alfa Matrix records entitled "Come Out And Play". It was publicly announced by the band's frontman that the CYGNOSIC remix that is included in the bonus CD is among the best tracks in it. So I want to thank also publicly Fredrik for that statement, I really feel honored. So show the band some love friends and check their release out! Cheers!

TERROLOKAUST are releasing "God Loves The Remixes" an album full of remixes of their tracks with great bands like SOMAN, NACHTMAHR, REAPER, SAM and many others. CYGNOSIC is proud to be part of this by remixing TERROLOKAUST's "Evolution of Tomorrow"! Click here and get all the info!

"Download With Authority"! Ten great tracks that Deathwatch Asia gives away for free in this V/A compilation. CYGNOSIC participates with the "One Step Forward" taken by the same-titled EP. Go and grab that stuff! Here!

Happy new year everybody!. This year has also treated CYGNOSIC very well, 2 releases took place, "A Deity In Pain Reborn" and "Fallen Limited Edition" -which also includes "Risen"-, tons of remixes for great artists and by great artists as well and a European Tour of DWA and many other live appearances. So, concluding, I am at least grateful for all these tiny things (but important to me) but most of all I am grateful to all of you for making all these possible, because without your interest in the band, things just don't happen, it's as simple as that. So, cheers and happy new year everybody!

CYGNOSIC entered the Brutal Resonance's list of top releases for 2012 with the "A Deity In Pain Reborn" album. The track is also included in the relevant free V/A compilation that DWA released today! Click and get it!

In order to celebrate the non-destruction of the world, DWA releases a V/A compilation entitled "Days Without Annihilation" with thirteen tracks from its roster. And it is free to download. CYGNOSIC participates in it with a great mid/slow tempo track from the "A Deity In Pain Reborn" album. So, a) Click here b) Download c) Listen & enjoy!

Today is the re-release date of the sold-out album "Fallen" as a Limited 2CD Edition. I want to thank all the people who preordered it and I hope the bonus remix CD will fulfill your expectations! Expect more goodies to come shortly!

Another fantastic review of the "A Deity in Pain Reborn" is out by the Belorussian Machinist Magazine rating the album with a 9 out-of 10! Feel free to click here and read it if you know Russian. But even if you don't, you can use a translator like I did. Thank you so much guys over there! Cheers!

A great review of "A Deity In Pain Reborn" is online by the American Sputnik Music! 4 out-of 5! Read it by clicking right here!

Another great DWA V/A compilation is out and CYGNOSIC is a part of it! Entitled "Dying World Anthems" is a CD sampler that comes along with any new purchase from DWA.

Another Russian date is confirmed for CYGNOSIC! This time in Nizhny Novgorod one of the biggest cities in Russia after Moscow and S.Petersburg. Catch me there and let us drink some after-show beers at 19th of January at 28 Street Concert Hall! Poka!

CYGNOSIC is touring over Russia! First stage of this mini tour is Moscow at 18th of January @ Rock House Club. More dates and cities will be revealed as we are getting close to this. This is really good news and can't wait to meet the Russian friends over there!

My Portuguese brothers AKTIVEHATE are going to have their new work released at 17th of December by Advoxya Records (HU)! I was told by the band that it is illegal to release the album without a CYGNOSIC remix in it and they may face the consequences of the law. So here we are, go and check out the new AKTIVEHATE album people! Cheers!

The French dark electro act A7IE are ready to release their third and final album by Adxoxya Records (HU) at 3rd of December. Check this release out because it contains a great CYGNOSIC remix! Cheerios!

CYGNOSIC's "Fallen" 2CD Limited Edition will be out at 14th of December worldwide by DWA, commemorating the first anniversary of the same titled |sold out| album. Coming in 6-Panel Digifile, it includes also "Risen" as a 2nd bonus CD which consists of a collection of remixes by great artists. I would like to thank all the bands involved who made this release possible. And of course all of you friends! Thank you all! Listen to "Risen" here and preorder the physical 2CD Limited Edition (including "Risen" as a bonus CD) here via paypal!

DWA just released "We Are Legion Too" in order to celebrate its 2000 subscriptions since their account was hacked and deleted. It contains a CYGNOSIC track remixed by TECHNOLORGY. Grab this free V/A release here! Now Click-Listen-Enjoy!

OK, now this is serious news. CYGNOSIC's new release is on the press right now. This was an idea that was born on a conversation with DWA's Chief, while being in the DWA European Tour 2012. Entitled "A Deity In Pain Reborn", I am proud to present a remake-from-scratch of the debut CYGNOSIC album, re-recorded, re-mixed & re-mastered, leading to a result equal -if not better- to "Fallen" standards in terms of production. On top of that, 5 remixes included as bonus tracks from NOISUF-X, DYM, VPROJECT, SIN D.N.A. and NITRO/NOISE. While scheduled to be released worldwide at 23rd of November by DWA, you can preorder this Digipak Limited Edition album now via PayPal. Just click here. Click.

For one more time CYGNOSIC is featured in the upcoming issue of ROCK ORACLE MAGAZINE's sampler in all over Russia with a fantastic remix made for FGFC820's "Lost". Speaking of that, the track is unlocked from this day in DWA's Digital Store so you can both listen to it and download it as well, happy listening yay!

C-LEKKTOR's "X-Tension Complete" is out by DWA and contains a CYGNOSIC remix of "Alteracion". Feel free to check out this very special digital release by clicking this hyperlink.

CYGNOSIC remix FGFC820! A Japanese double CD Collector's Edition of the new FGFC820 album entitled "Homeland Insecurity" complete with 15 remixes is out now by DWA! Check this rare item out!

CYGNOSIC participates in Alfa Matrix's Einzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI] with "Bury your hate" remixed by X-FUSION. Click here and check this great V/A release out.

CYGNOSIC is featured in Gothic Spirits EBM Edition 4 by remixing DETROIT DIESEL's "Crash and Burn". Check it out. In the meantime I hope you all enjoying the summertime!

CYGNOSIC is onboard once more in the latest Rock Oracle Magazine in all over Russia, with a fantastic remix on C-LEKKTOR's Alteracion featured in the magazine's sampler. Taken from the Limited 2CD Edition album by DWA. Ask your local store for it or visit in order to find a way to get it!

The latest SIN D.N.A. work entitled "Revelate" contains a CYGNOSIC remix of "Son of Perdition" in its North American version of the album by the American VendettaMusic. Check it by clicking this hyperlink!

Excellent news! It is confirmed that CYGNOSIC will participate in the Resistanz Festival 2013 in Sheffield, one of UK's  most important industrial music events. Alongside ALIEN VAMPIRES and C-LEKKTOR, I think it is really a solid line-up. Cheers friends! 

CYGNOSIC is featured once more in the the Zilloscope CD Sampler that comes along with the latest German Zillo Magazine. So in case you got an issue, don't forget to check out a great version of "Realize" remixed by DETROIT DIESEL!

A new CYGNOSIC live event is about to take place at Rhodes Island supporting my brothers SIVA SIX's "Zero Hour Tour 2012" plus more acts at Saturday May.05.2012. See you all at the old city of Rhodes Island for a nice live event! Then beers!

I never expected that this was going to happen so early, but "Fallen" album is sold out. Last available copies were sold last night even before the DWA Athens Festival opening. So I want to apologize to the Russian friends who might want to get a CYGNOSIC CD today in Moscow and won't find it at the merchandise. Of course there will be plans on how to fix that, but since DWA is now completely out of stock and cannot supply anyone with CYGNOSIC CDs, the only remaining "Fallen" copies are what might be available at the stores here and there. Finally, I really want to thank all of you for your support. This happened because of you and, honestly now, I am so grateful to you! Cheers!

Last night gig at Salamandra 1 (ES) was awesome, thanks to anybody attended! Now is time for us for some sightseeing at Barcelona. Thumbs up for Nuria! Next stop for DWA acts is at Athens Festival at Second Skin Club (GR) at Apr.20.2012. 

In order to commemorate the DWA European Tour in Germany, Spain and Greece, Deathwatch Asia is presenting a unique rare compilation of 12 remixes entitled "DWA FTW", featuring the 4 bands of the tour SIVA SIX, DETROIT DIESEL, TERROLOKAUST and of course CYGNOSIC remixed both by each other and by PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, Extinction Front and Nano Infect. Plus by getting one of the 300 limited copies, free entrance to the DWA Festivals is granted. CYGNOSIC is involved in 5 tracks and from the total of 12 tracks, 8 of them are previously unreleased and cannot be found anywhere else! For full details, click right here!

The new DIE SEKTOR album is ready to be released at 4th of May and it contains a CYGNOSIC remix of the album title track called "The Final Electro Solution", alongside with other remixes by CeDigest, Freakangel and Distorted Memory. Find out more about this limited version of the album by clicking right here!

Next confirmed stop is on Apr.15.2012 at the City of Barcelona (ES) @ Salamadra 2 during the European DWA Festival Tour, alongside with SIVA SIX, TERROLOKAUST, DETROIT DIESEL,  Extinction Front plus a lot of fun and happenings. See you there amigos!

The new C-LEKKTOR is here! And it contains a nice CYGNOSIC remix in its Japanese Limited Edition by Deathwatch Asia. So, go and grab this long-awaited release in 2CD Digipak. Cheers!

I usually don't use the news section to make such posts, but I randomly found out today that "Fallen" achieved a Sales Rank of 30 in which is trully a fantastic number. The previously released album, "A Deity in Pain", reached the 669th place at its peak. So I supposed this represents a big progress and it is all thanks to you. Thank you, all of you.

DETROIT DIESEL's new album entitled "Coup D'Etat" is ready to be released. It contains a fantastic CYGNOSIC remix of the opening track "Crash and Burn" in its European Version. I strongly recommend to check this out. Preorders are starting today. Out on Mar.30.2012 by Infacted Recordings (DE).

CYGNOSIC participates in Golden R. Festival, a famous two-day festival in the city of Volos (GR). That will be the anniversary version of the festival for its 10th year so I am expecting you all in area to be there at Feb.27.2012 for a nice live show and cold beers.

Yet another one live event is now confirmed and will take place at Jazz Rock Multistage Live @ City of Kavala (GR). During the SIVA SIX "Zero Hour Tour 2012"  plus CYGNOSIC plus TECHNOLORGY plus alcohol. So I hope to see you all there at Feb.17.2012.

Another live event is confirmed and scheduled for Feb.19.2012 @ Valhalla, City of Komotini (GR) so if you are nearby, come and have fun enjoying this nice dark electro event with SIVA SIX, CYGNOSIC, TECHNOLORGY + lots of beers!

CYGNOSIC live at Cult Club, Thessaloniki (GR) during the SIVA SIX "Zero Hour Tour" alongside with TECHNOLORGY from Thessaloniki. The Live Show will take place at Feb.18.2012 and tickets are now available for pre-sale.

Last post for this year; Deathwatch Asia has released an exclusive free-to-download V/A Compilation as a special release to celebrate the end of 2011 and the beginning or the new year, full of previously unreleased tracks, including a CYGNOSIC track remixed by TERRORKODE . Get this compilation by clicking here! And of course, happy new year everybody!

A wonderful review of "Fallen" was published today by Side-Line Magazine, one of the most strict but reliable and trustworthy industrial magazines worldwide. Read it by clicking here!

CYGNOSIC is participating in the new V/A release by DWA entitled "Heavy Rotation" available with every single CD purchase from the DWA online store. CYGNOSIC is opening this compilation with the "What lies behind" track. Other great artists featured are SIVA SIX, ALIEN VAMPIRES, XP8, C-LEKKTOR, Latexxx Teens and many, many more fine acts! Don't miss this out.

A CYGNOSIC remix of the "Dbd (while you can)" by the Belorussian act DIFFUZION, will be available in their Hardbox Limited Edition of their new album entitled "Winter Cities". The CD is scheduled to hit the stores tomorrow by the Belgian Alfa-Matrix Records.

The CYGNOSIC remix of "Hit the Nerve" by SURGYN will be featured in their new EP entitled "Sharp as Stars". featuring among others remixes by Aesthetic Perfection, TERROLOKAUST, vProjekt and more. The EP in its physical form will be available at the band's live shows or at the DWA online store!

CYGNOSIC is featured in the latest issue of Rock Oracle Magazine all over Russia with an interview, plus song in the magazine's sampler, plus more. Additionally in case you can't find the magazine at your area, you can check out in order to find out ways to purchase your issue. Cheers!

A CYGNOSIC remix of REAXION GUERRILLA 's "Bleeding to Death" is featured in their Special 2CD Edition of their album "I hate you" for the North America. Some of the other remixers on the bonus CD are X-Fusion, C-LEKKTOR, Dawn of Ashes, Acylum, DETROIT DIESEL, TERRORKODE , CeDigest and many more. Listen to our labelmates' upcoming CD,  buy the Digital Version or preorder the Physical Version of the album by following this hyperlink!

Album review by the Russian Synth Community on "Fallen" which ranks the album with a 9 out of 10! Thank you! Read this great review in Russian (or use a translator) by clicking here!

A CYGNOSIC interview is featured in the Subexistance Magazine for the second time. Click here and read it.

Check out this October's German Zillo Magazine for an exclusive CYGNOSIC interview. Plus "Decide", one of the Album's most danceable tracks, is included  in the Zilloscope sampler compilation that comes along with the Magazine. Finally, I believe there is also an album review and maybe even more, haven't seen it yet, so you should check it out!

A CYGNOSIC remix of the "Sew my Eyes " track of TERRORKODE  alongside with Sebastian Komor's remix is included is the title EP, featuring the magnificent vocals of Javi Ssagittar of TERROLOKAUST. Don't miss this fantastic release from Deathwatch Asia! Click! Here!

"Fallen" gets another 9 out of 10 from Brutal Resonance Magazine. Read this great and thorough review by clicking on the hyperlink here!

CYGNOSIC headlining at Hellectro Festival @ Eightball Club, Thessaloniki (GR) next week, along with 5 other great bands! Hope to see you all there, Cheers!

Another review of the "One Step Forward" EP by Coma Online Music Magazine! Follow this link to read it!

A fantastic and essential review of the "One Step Forward" EP by Neuweltmusic Magazine which ranks the release with a flawless 10 out of 10! Thank you Jason! Read it by clicking here!

A great Review of the "Fallen" album from the Belorussian Machinist Magazine. Those familiar with the language can use the hyperlink here to read it. "Fallen" gets a 9/10 plus voted as best release by the editors! Thank you!

According to DWA statistics, the "One Step Forward" EP has broken into the Top 5 of the label's Digital Single Charts in just 3 weeks of release. Not bad!

The preorders of the second full length CYGNOSIC album entitled "Fallen" are now available. The album is scheduled to be released in 6-panel Digipak CD at Sep.09.2011. The Digital Release of the album is available from today! Note that every preorder of the Physical Digipak CD includes immediate free download of the Digital Version of the album. It includes remixes by X-Fusion, SIVA SIX, PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, C-LEKKTOR, DJ LIQUIX plus ALIEN VAMPIRES for the Digipak CD Version. Preview the whole album, read the Press Release and find out more by clicking here!

A CYGNOSIC remix for the industrial band SURGYN from U.K. is included in their EP "Hit the Nerve" from DWA alongside with a Modulate remix of the title song. You can reach this great EP by clicking here.

Review of the Digital EP "One Step Forward" by the Belorussian Machinist Online Magazine here.

Another review of the Digital EP "One Step Forward" by the Swedish Blackvector Magazine. Read it here.

The first review of the Digital EP "One Step Forward" came from the Brutal Resonance Magazine. Follow the link by clicking here to read it!

I am really proud to announce that CYGNOSIC has signed to Deathwatch Asia ( . Entitled "One Step Forward". a new CYGNOSIC Digital EP, which comes as a teaser to the forthcoming Full Length CD entitled "Fallen", is out now. It includes a remix of the title track by ALIEN VAMPIRES, plus 3 exclusive previously unreleased tracks, "Burn", which is a collaboration with SIVA SIX, a remix of the title track by HYDRA DIVISION V and "Rising", a rare unreleased CYGNOSIC track. Find out more about this second official CYGNOSIC release by clicking here

A CYGNOSIC remix for my brothers SIVA SIX is included in their third full length album in its Japanese Limited Edition released today by DeathWatch Asia. Click the hyperlinks to find out more about both physical and digital version of this masterpiece. 

CYGNOSIC participates in Electronic Body Matrix 1, an anthology of the most important and promising EBM bands by Alfa-Matrix records (BE) which presumably will serve as a reference to the scene.
Find out more on reaching that by visiting the official label's page at

A CYGNOSIC profile in facebook has been launched. Feel free to pay a visit and join at in order to be in touch and share my news with you. The profile also contains a music player powered by reverbnation. Don't forget to click the "like" button :-p

A CYGNOSIC remix of the "No Way Back" track of ALIEN VAMPIRES is going to be included in their new album entitled "Harshlizer". The album will be released in Dec.03.2010 by Alfa Matrix (BE). Find out more about this upcoming release by checking the official A.M. website here.

CYGNOSIC will participate in the (AE)Quilibrium  V2.0 Compilation which will be released by the Industrial label Mutant-E Records (SP). Find out more at the official site of Mutant-E Records here.

A little behind schedule, but nonetheless an excellent review on the "A Deity in Pain" album by Sonic Seducer (DE) in German language. You can read it here.

A CYGNOSIC Concert at Club the Box @ city of Sofia (BG) supporting SIVA SIX + halloween after party + spinning on decks by DJ Will is confirmed and its going to take place in Oct.31.2010. More info here. See you all there.

A CYGNOSIC Concert at Sin City Club in the city of Katerini (GR) is confirmed for Oct.30.2010. Cheers!

A CYGNOSIC live report of the After Dark Festival 2 by Click here to read the whole article. Don't forget to change the language to english.

A CYGNOSIC Live show in the city of Larissa (GR) is confirmed and scheduled for 16.10.2010 @ Stage Club. Hope to see you there!

An interview in the ebm-industrial[dot]nl music portal located in Netherlands. Click here to read it.

An interview in subexistance[dot]com here.

CYGNOSIC is in the studio for the recordings of a new full length album. Hopefully really soon everything will be ready. The release date is yet to be defined, since the shutting down of BLC Productions forces the Project to seek a new label. Photo shootings artworks and other preparations are taking place alongside with the recordings and more news about this will be posted as soon as possible.

A CYGNOSIC interview in the new issue of Bloodcult Magazine.

A CYGNOSIC participation @ the EBM.GR CD compilation vol 1, a wonderful effort by the EBM.GR team in order to bring the Greek population one step closer to the music genre. Read more at the EBM.GR site here.

The live show at the stage of X-Treme @ the city of Rethymno during the After Dark Festival was fun, thanks to the SKIES cultural association for the invitation and for making the event possible. Also thank you all for coming and hope to see you again in the future somewhere.

Premiere of Catharsis movie tonight, a new action mafia flick from the Greek cult director Fokion Bogris, during the 15th Athens International Film Festival.  The whole original music score by CYGNOSIC. see you there.

A CYGNOSIC interview has been published by Side-Line. Click here to read the article.

A review for the "a Deity in Pain" album by Dark Nation Magazine from Poland. Available in both Polish and English languages.

Proud to participate in BLAM HONEY's Memorial album entitled "Providence of Decadance" with a special CYGNOSIC remix cover of "changing sproud in my head" featuring -especially for this song- reperformed vocals of Micael. The legendary Japanese industrial rock band's special release is scheduled to hit the stores on 26.08.2009 by Darkest Labyrinth Records. Find out more at the band's myspace profile or visit their official site.

A really interesting album review by the New York City based Chain D.L.K. by Vitto Camarretta. I strongly recommend to take some time and read the article by clicking here.

A CYGNOSIC remix for the German-Hungarian industrial act INFRA BLACK will be included in their upcoming EP entitled "Soylentville". The CD is about to be released somewhere in May by the American indie DSBP records in USA/Europe and Shadowplay records in Russia. Find out more at their myspace profile by clicking here or in their official website. here.

  A CD review for the "a deity in pain" in (in Greek language). Click here to read the article.

An album review for the "a Deity in Pain" album has been published by Side-Line, one of the most solid and trustworthy magazines worldwide in the industrial music scene.  You can read the article at Side-Line's review section by clicking here.

Preorders for the "a Deity in Pain" album are on. The album is scheduled to be released at January 27 and you may preorder the album right now at BLC official site by clicking here.  Feel free also to navigate in the BLC site for info/material about the CYGNOSIC release as well as other artists. Thankyou and happy new year!

The German magazine Zillo contains in its 20th year anniversary issue a CYGNOSIC interview. And possibly more, haven't seen it yet.

The CYGNOSIC remix for the German industrial band WYNARDTAGE will be included not only in the regular U.S. edition by COP international but also in a special double disc version called Silver Edition containing all the remixes from every band. A great opportunity to see how the rest of the bands remixe Kai's fine music but also a wonderful piece of art for the genre's music collectors and people who want to have everything, like me.

A CYGNOSIC remix for the German band WYNARDTAGE will be available in their upcoming release entitled "The Grey Line" which is scheduled to be released in 21.11.2008 by e-noxe / rupal records. The track is a remix of the "if there is no tomorrow" song and will be included as a bonus track in the US version by COP international. Find out more and listen to their fine industrial music at the WYNARDTAGE myspace profile by clicking here or by visiting their official website here.

Studio recordings for the CYGNOSIC debut album are finished. There will be eleven tracks in the CD. A medley teaser of the upcoming release that includes four of the tracks can be found at the CYGNOSIC myspace profile. Right now I am working on some remixes and some very early new ideas as there are no plans for vacations at the moment due to much work. More news about the upcoming release will be posted soon.

The Catharsis movie soundtrack has reached its end almost simultaneously with the movie's shootings. Some time is needed for the additional shooting and the montage and hopefully the movie will be released right after the summer's end.

I am very happy to announce that CYGNOSIC has just signed to BLC Productions. Next step now is to work hard on fixing the tracks' composition followed by a  studio session at Lunatech Sounds Production & Recording Studios that will lead to a BLC release in the near future. More information will be announced as soon as possible.

The EP "in the lag of time" is out of stock. I gave out the last copy today. Unfortunately there are no plans for republishing this promo CD in its physical form again, but maybe I will make it available for free downloading in mp3 format in the future. Happy new year!

A collaboration with a very promising new filmmaker and personal friend Fokion Bogris for the soundtrack composition of his new third film entitled "Catharsis" is arranged. Find out more at his website or at his filmmaker myspace profile. For a link to a very first teaser spot of the movie click here.

A CYGNOSIC remix for the German band E:O:NITY is available for listening at their myspace profile here. Feel free to take a look while they have the song up in the player. The song will be included in their upcoming release from Xenobiotic Records in February 2008.

Welcome. A debut Full Length album is in progress. More details will be available as soon as possible. I hope we will have a nice journey together.

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