Complete list of V/A Compilations, Samplers & other appearances
(in descending order of release date)

Electroshock Vol 11

Sonic Seducer Sampler CD 01/17

Album Of The Year

Terror Night Vol 2 - Sounds Of The Dead Future

Sonic Seducer Sampler CD 04/16

Face The Beat 3

Covered In Darkness

Sonic Seducer Sampler CD 06/15

13 Cavaderous Cuts

13 Cacophonus Cuts

Vortex Filth Electronoir 36

Orkus 100th Anniversary Issue CD

Resenchronised F**ked Beats

Terrolokaust DWA Remix Works

Freakangel DWA Remix Works

VProject DWA Remix Works

Detroit Diesel DWA Remix Works

Studio-X DWA Remix Works

DYM DWA Remix Works


Digital World Agenda


Nachtaktiv Magazin CD 12/2013

Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2013

DWA FTW European Festival Tour 2013

Zilloscope 04/13

God Loves The Remixes

Download With Authority

Brutal Resonance Albums Of The Year 2012

Days Without Annihilation: The End Of An Error

Dying World Anthems

Synth Or Die Vol.29

We Are Legion Too

Rock Oracle 05/12

Einzeit Bunkertracks [Act VI]

Gothic Spirits EBM Edition 4

Rock Oracle 03/12

ZilloScope 05/12

DWA FTW European Festival Tour 2012


Heavy Rotation

Rock Oracle 05/11

ZilloScope 10/11

Electronic Body Matrix 1

Wachturm Act 6

Aequilibrium V2.0

EMB.GR Compilation Vol.1

CyberTension Volume 1.0

Dark Spy Compilation Volume 10


  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for "CATHARSIS" (2010) Action Movie by Fokion Bogris - Distributed in Theaters by Ground Floor Films - Released and distributed in DVD by Audio Visual S.A.


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